The 3rd EnvironmentAsia International Conference on “Towards International Collaboration for an Environmentally Sustainable World” – June 17-19, 2015 at Montien Riverside Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


Thai Society of Higher Education Institutes on Environment (TSHE)


Montien Riverside Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Background and Rationale

Since 1992 the global community has endorsed the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development in order to achieve mutual long-term environmental protection and remediation poverty reduction and enhanced quality of life.  Agenda 21, the Kyoto Protocol, and other related agreements have been pushed for implementation. Today, however, many countries are still facing the severe effects of climate change, such as drought, flood, rising sea level, reduction biodiversity, etc. There are wider gaps in wealth, health care, and knowledge in environmental science, technology, and management. Furthermore, there have been high numbers of natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, land subsidence, and volcanic explosion which cause enormous loss of natural and human resources around the world. Unquestionably, these situations can create transboundary environmental problems in the absence of real collaboration and commitment of the global community.

The Thai Society for Higher Education on Environment (TSHE) has truly realized the importance of transborder environmental issues and international cooperative efforts.  Therefore, we will be organizing the 3rdEnvironmentAsia International Conference on “Towards International Collaborationfor an Environmentally Sustainable World”. This conference will bring together scientists, experts, policy makers, researchers and students to discuss and address the issues of the environment together with building international networks and cooperation for an environmentally sustainable world. This biennial conference will be also the platform for exchanging ideas and experiences as well as for introducing new technology and innovation in the fields of environmental science and technology, natural resource management, environmental education, planning and policy, and environmental management and industry. The conference will run over three days with lecture by well-known key note speakers and oral and poster presentations of current research.  All papers selected for either oral or poster presentation will undergo a peer review process and will be printed in the proceedings. Moreover, high quality selected papers will be published in a special volume ofthe EnvironmentAsia Journal and will be indexed internationally. Young researcher awards will also be given to participants who perform the best oral and poster presentations.

Tentative Sessions

  • Environmental Science and Technology
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental Safety and Health Science
  • Industrial Ecology and Management
  • Environmental Management Tools (such as Geo-Informatics, Education, Eco-tourism, etc.)

Updates and News