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Volume 12 Special Issue (December 2019)

1. The Science and Sociology of Restoring Asia’s Tropical Forest Ecosystems
pages 1 - 9
Stephen Elliott
PDF| DOI 10.14456/ea.2019.57

2. A study on the distribution of Papilionidae in Thailand based on statistical analysis
pages 10 - 17
Turenjai Doolgindachbaporn, Chutinan Choosai, Toshiaki Aoki, Shuhei Yamaguchi and Shin’ichi Okamoto
PDF | DOI 10.14456/ea.2019.58

3. Transboundary Air Pollution in Relation to Open Burning in Upper Southeast Asia
pages 18 - 27
Souninthone Choommanivong, Wan Wiriya, and Somporn Chantara
PDF | DOI 10.14456/ea.2019.59

4. Effects of Overcrowded Traffic and Road Construction Activities in Bangkok on PM2.5, PM10 and Heavy Metal Composition
pages 28 - 35
Paphinwit Thammasaroj and Wanida Jinsart
PDF | DOI 10.14456/ea.2019.60

5. Assessment of the Lower Ping River’s Riverbank Erosion and Accretion, Northern Thailand Using Geospatial Technique; Implication for River Flow and Sediment Load Management
pages 36 - 47
Nikhom Chaiwongsaen, Montri Choowong
PDF | DOI 10.14456/ea.2019.61

6. Microplastic Pollution in Surface Water of the Chao Phraya River in Ang Thong Area
pages 48 - 53
Anh Ta and Sandhya Babel
PDF | DOI 10.14456/ea.2019.62

7. Investigation of Hydrogen-Based Denitrification Performance on Nitrite Accumulation Under Various Bicarbonate Doses
pages 54 - 63
Suphatchai Rujakom, Kenta Shinoda, Tatsuru Kamei, Futaba Kazama
PDF | DOI 10.14456/ea.2019.63

8. Micro-Particle ZVI Inhibition Threshold in Cassava Pulp Bio-Methanation
pages 64 - 73
Htay Aung Pyae, Win Win Aye, Chatpet Yossapol, and Somchai Dararatana
PDF | DOI 10.14456/ea.2019.64

9. Environmental Evaluation on Rigid Polyurethane Foam Disposal from Refrigerator Waste in Thailand
pages 74 - 82
Soraya Suwannafon, Nattharika Rittippant, Alice Sharp, Shigeo Nishikizawa, Pawadee Methacanon, Noramon Intaranont, Premrudee Kanchanapiya
PDF | DOI 10.14456/ea.2019.65

10. Utilization of Bagasse Ash in Interlocking Block Production
pages 83 - 90
Rungroj Piyaphanuwat, and Suwimol Asavapisit
PDF | DOI 10.14456/ea.2019.66